Periodontal Procedures in Fort Lauderdale FL

Periodontal Procedures

Periodontitis is a devastating gum disease that initially starts as a mild infection of the gum tissues. At this stage, it is called gingivitis. Failing to get the necessary treatment at the right time can increase the severity of the condition and lead to quite painful and upsetting symptoms.

How does gum disease start?

In most cases, the plaque and tartar adhered to the teeth and tooth roots are the leading cause of gum diseases. Tartar would be filled with thousands of microscopic bacteria that release toxic substances when they feed on the mouth's food residues. These toxins can infect the gum tissues and lead to their decay. In some instances, external trauma to the gums, cuts, and bruises on the soft tissues that go untreated, or even root canal infections could lead to gum disease.

What are its symptoms?

  • The decay of the soft gum tissues
  • Discoloration of the gum tissues, which makes your smile appear displeasing
  • Bleeding gums
  • Severe pain while chewing food, brushing teeth, etc.
  • Discharge of pus
  • Loosening of the teeth from their sockets
  • Jawbone deterioration

How do we treat periodontitis?

Oral cleaning:Since the main cause of gum disease is the adhered tartar near the gum line, we will perform ultrasonic scaling and root planing to get rid of the tartar deposits. A jet of water will be used to wash away the removed debris.

Laser therapy:The decayed gum tissues will have to be removed to halt the spread of the infection and allow the surrounding tissues to regrow. This will be done using laser therapy, where the decayed tissues will be vaporized using a highly intense laser beam, and the wound underneath will be sealed off instantly. This procedure is minimally invasive, takes less time, reduces pain significantly, and doesn't need administering anesthesia. Also, the healing period is minimal.

Gum grafting: If the gum tissues have receded significantly below the ideal gum line or have very low volume, we may have to perform a gum graft. In this procedure, we extract healthy soft tissues from a different part of the mouth, preferably the palate, and graft it to the receded area. It would take a few weeks for the tissues to fuse with the existing ones and form a uniform and healthy gum line.

Medication: Antibiotic medication like Arestin is placed under the gum line (in the gum pockets) to allow the tissues to heal and arrest the spread of the infection. We may also prescribe oral medication.

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