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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are two popular types of dental restorations that effectively replace infected or damaged teeth or teeth that have fallen out. These restorations offer aesthetics as well as the functionality of natural teeth. The color of the teeth, in fact, is matched to teeth adjacent to the damaged or missing tooth.

Damaged teeth or space left by a missing tooth can be embarrassing and take a toll on one’s self-confidence. Crowns and bridges perfectly restore the teeth, in the true sense of the word, letting you flaunt that beautiful smile.

The details of the treatment involving crowns and bridges at Anthony G Corbo DDS are given below:


A dental crown is a cap that is manufactured in the shape of a natural tooth. It is available in different material options such as metal, ceramic, and ceramic-on-metal. We suggest the material of the crown based on the location of the restoration. If it is the front teeth, we recommend all-ceramic while ceramic-on-metal would be the right choice for back teeth since they are durable.

To fix crowns, we first take an impression of your teeth to prepare the crown in the lab. We also offer immediate temporary restorations until the crown is ready. Once the crown is ready, we will call you to the office and remove a portion of the enamel to fit the crown easily. Finally, the crown is bonded to the existing tooth or implant to form a sturdy replacement for your natural tooth.


When more than one tooth is missing, the recommended solutions are usually partials or dentures - both of which require surgery. An alternative to this is bridges made of ceramic or porcelain. Bridges are artificial teeth held on either side by dental caps or crowns that act as anchors that hold the center crown in place. These are also accurately matched in color with the neighboring teeth to offer a natural aesthetic.

The procedure to install bridges is similar to crowns wherein an impression is taken and then installed after the restoration is prepared in the lab.

Dental restorations, i.e., dental crowns and bridges, in particular, are effective solutions to restore natural teeth. 

If you are missing a tooth or have damaged a tooth or two, call Dentist in Fort Lauderdale FL for an appointment, and we will see to it that your dental needs are met.


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