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Cosmetic bonding is the process of applying a composite resinous material to the teeth to restore their contour and functionality. Bonding is a simple yet effective procedure and is widely used as an alternative for dental crowns, veneers, and ceramic fillings. Using composite resin, oral conditions like cracked or chipped teeth, cavities, excessive gaps between adjacent teeth, exposed root surfaces, worn out teeth, etc, can be treated.

What are the advantages of composite bonding?

  • The composite resinous material used for bonding can be customized to match the exact appearance of the natural teeth. This keeps the restorations under disguise.
  • The resin adheres well to the teeth surface and doesn’t get dislodged when you bite or chew food.
  • It is resistant to wear, thanks to its excellent durability. With regular oral functions like biting and chewing food, the restoration may wear only as much as the enamel.
  • The procedure is non-invasive. In most cases, we wouldn’t have to remove a layer of enamel to accommodate the resin on its surface.
  • It offers excellent longevity.
  • Composite bonding can be used to fill cracks and cavities left on the teeth surface. The resin is biocompatible, meaning it wouldn’t cause any adverse reactions to the tissues of the teeth.

How is the procedure conducted?

The dentist will thoroughly diagnose the teeth and determine the severity of the condition. The teeth surface must be roughened to make sure the resin stays adhered to the teeth and doesn’t get dislodged. Hence, we apply an etching solution on the teeth to prepare its surface. Next, the resin will be placed near the teeth and matched with the color of the enamel. Once it is prepared, it will be applied to the teeth and shaped accordingly. It will be hardened using a suitable curing light.
The resin will be applied to the teeth in multiple layers and hardened, thereby meticulously reconstructing the ideal tooth structure. A bite test will be taken to make sure the restoration fits well, and it will be polished to enhance its appearance.
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