History of Dental Braces

History of Dental Braces

Posted by ANTHONY CORBO DDS on Apr 1 2022, 09:35 AM

While many think that the field of orthodontics is a modern invention, its invention dates back to the ancient period. To preserve the alignment of teeth and straighten it, many ancient cultures developed advanced methods. 

Ancient Braces 

Many people in ancient times desired to have healthy teeth and an attractive smile. Many ancient civilizations used crude designs found on mummies in ancient Egypt as a form of braces. 

In the ancient world, common materials used for braces were gold, metal, or catgut. Later, the materials used for braces evolved to comprise platinum, silver, steel, wood, ivory, copper, and brass.

Archeologists theorize that the first orthodontic strategies were practiced in Greece. To protect a recently deceased body, ancient Etruscans used devices similar to mouthguards. They also keep the wearer's teeth from collapsing. In Egyptian culture, braces were used not on living people but the dead ones. 

It was the ancient Romans who first used braces to align the teeth of living people. Theories suggest that in several Roman burial sites ligature wire has been found threaded through teeth. There weren't many advancements in the field of orthodontics from the end of the Roman Empire to the rise of the British and French empires. 

 Advancements in Braces  

In the 1700s, the French had unfolded the field of dentistry to include custom mouthguards. They also came with notable advances like removing wisdom teeth to manage overcrowded teeth. Braces, therefore, continued to change over time. 

It was Christophe-Francois Delabarre who invented modern braces in 1819. It was Delabarre who developed the precursor to braces. He made a woven wire that was fitted over the upper and lower teeth of the person. It was worn for an extended period to properly align the teeth. 

A Stanford graduate named Zia Chishti was inspired by his orthodontic treatment. He made an invisible clear plastic retainer that functions the same as traditional metal braces. Its advantage over metal braces was that it doesn't need the support of archwire or regular adjustments. He along with Kelsey Wirth made custom clear aligner trays. The Invisalign was however invented only in 1997. 

The history of braces extends back to the past world. The modern braces are now fabricated by using modern technology.

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