Do You Have Dental Anxiety? Tips And Tricks To Ease Your Dental Fear

Do You Have Dental Anxiety? Tips And Tricks To Ease Your Dental Fear

Posted by Anthony G Corbo on Jan 9 2023, 09:19 PM

Dental anxiety refers to the nervousness or fear of visiting the dentist. It affects millions of people. However, there are ways to overcome your fear of the dentist and make your dental visits better.

What is Dental Anxiety?

Many patients experience some anxiety when going to the dentist, and it is common! Patients may also feel nervous when visiting their general doctor for the first time or experiencing something new, such as getting blood drawn. However, if these feelings prevent you from visiting your dentist regularly for routine cleanings and exams, you may be suffering from dental anxiety.

There are several reasons why you may suffer from anxiety at the thought of you visiting the dentist. Some common reasons include the following:

  • Not understanding the procedure
  • Having a bad past experience at the dentist’s office
  • Feeling embarrassed about your teeth
  • The fear of needles or other invasive tools being used in your mouth
    Not knowing what to expect on your first visit

At our office we want all of our patients to feel at ease when they visit our office. Our experienced team is here to answer any questions that you have before your exam. We also welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve our patient experience.

Take Control of Your Dental Fear

If you have dental fear, just remember that you’re not alone! Many people experience dental anxiety, and there are many tips and tricks that can help you through it. Here are some ideas:

  • Talk to your dentist about your fears. This will give you a chance to voice your concerns so that you can work with your dentist to make them go away. For example, if the sound of the dental drill bothers you, we can explain exactly what the drill does and help you realize that the sound isn’t scary at all.
  • Listen to your favorite music or podcast during your procedure. You can also bring your phone with you if you want to watch a movie or show on Netflix or Hulu while you get your treatment done. Just make sure to bring headphones, so you don’t disturb those around you!
  • Ask a friend or family member to join you for your appointment. Having someone you trust nearby can help you feel calmer about your dental visit. You can distract each other with conversation, hold hands, or just sit together in silence if you prefer.
  • Try distracting yourself with something you enjoy. Do you enjoy reading? Bring a book. Love movies? Bring your tablet to watch one while you relax. Many practices have a TV in their lobby, so you can also find something on TV to help you relax while you wait.
  • Be sure to get enough sleep the night before your appointment. This way, you’ll be well-rested and relaxed when it’s time for your dental work. Getting a good night of sleep will also help keep your cheeks and lips moisturized and ready for your dental treatment.
  • Avoid eating a large meal before your appointment because food can make you feel nauseous and make you more likely to feel dental anxiety. Instead, just eat a small snack like a piece of fruit or a few nuts about an hour before your dental appointment. This will keep your stomach from growling during the appointment!

If you have dental anxiety, ask your dentist for options. If you are afraid of needles, your dentist may offer a needle-free method that numbs your mouth without using an injection. A topical anesthetic may be applied to the gums to relieve pain before procedures begin. In addition, nitrous oxide sedation is another option that helps nervous patients remain calm and relaxed during their treatment. If neither of these methods is enough to help you relax during your procedure, talk to your dentist about oral conscious sedation. They may prescribe you a small dose of a sedative that will help you stay calm and comfortable throughout your appointment.

At your next dental appointment, don’t be afraid to ask your dental team what you can do to make your visit more comfortable. Thankfully, there are many options that can help you overcome your fears and stresses when it comes to dental care!

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