Cavity Prevention Tips From a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Cavity Prevention Tips From a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Posted by ANTHONY CORBO DDS on Jan 21 2022, 11:19 AM

Children are more prone to developing cavities both due to their dietary habits and their oral hygiene habits. It’s important to teach your child about the importance of oral care if you want them to have healthy teeth and gums. 

To further protect your child’s teeth, here are some important cavity prevention tips from a kid-friendly dentist, Dr. Anthony G. Corbo, DDS: 

How to Avoid Tooth Decay in Children?

You can avoid tooth decay and reduce your child’s risk of developing cavities by making sure they see the dentist regularly and follow basic dental care guidelines such as: 

Brushing Regularly

Make sure your child brushes their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes using fluoride toothpaste.

Using Mouthwash

Using fluoride mouthwash twice daily after brushing will provide further protection against tooth decay.

Scheduling Regular Dental Appointments 

Professional teeth cleanings and routine oral examinations are recommended once every six months at the very least. The dentist may recommend more frequent visits if your child has a history of dental issues or if their situation is particularly complex.

Getting Dental Sealants 

Dental sealants seal the grooves, crevices, and crannies where food can easily get caught. They help prevent tooth decay and other dental problems and can last up to 10 years. 

Drinking Tap Water

Most communities have fluoride added to the public water supply to help prevent tooth decay. Tap water can aid in tooth remineralization and drinking water in general increases saliva production, which helps wash away dangerous germs. If your family exclusively drinks bottled water, consider mixing in a bit of tap water to keep your teeth healthy.

Eating Healthy Meals 

Some foods are better at keeping our teeth healthy and white. Cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, unsweetened coffee and tea, and sugar-free gum are all foods that help preserve our teeth. 

Follow the tips above to avoid tooth decay and keep your child’s teeth healthy.  For more information or to schedule an appointment with a kid-friendly dentist, contact Anthony G. Corbo, DDS, at (954) 434-2234 or visit our website. We are located at  13101 Old Sheridan St, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33330.

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