6 Potential Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

6 Potential Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Posted by Anthony G Corbo on Jul 28 2022, 05:48 AM

Have you ever experienced tooth pain when eating extreme cold or hot foods and drinks? If you have ever experienced this, you’re not alone. As per the Academy of General Dentistry, approximately 40 million U.S. adults have experienced tooth sensitivity at some point.

Here are the major factors that cause tooth sensitivity:

  • Tooth erosion

Tooth erosion is the loss of tooth structure, which is caused by chemical or acid erosion. This occurs when acid produced in the mouth wears away a tooth’s enamel. People who grind their teeth—whether consciously or unconsciously—are at greater risk of dental erosion. The friction and pressure behind teeth grinding can wear away tooth enamel, and that erosion can lead to sensitivity.

  • A cracked tooth

A cracked tooth is an unhealthy tooth. That’s because when a tooth is cracked, it’s not able to properly process the nutrients it receives. This can lead to bacteria buildup, decay, and other oral health issues. Since these teeth are vulnerable to bacteria which can enter through the crack and reaches the dentin, it can lead to tooth sensitivity or pain.

  • Receding gums

Receding gums can cause sensitivity because the roots of your teeth are exposed. Gum recession can also cause pockets to form between your gums and teeth. These pockets can house plaque, which irritates the gums and causes them to become inflamed.

  • Root canal problems

A root canal is performed when a tooth’s pulp is infected or inflamed. The pulp inside of the tooth is the soft tissue that contains the tooth’s nerve. Root canal issues are usually caused by severe decay, a crack or chip in the tooth, or an injury to the face and can lead to tooth sensitivity. 

  • Dental whitening

Sometimes, the whitening gel or solution can cause sensitivity. This typically occurs with at-home whitening products and is usually temporary. If the over-the-counter whitening product you’re using is causing sensitivity, consider stopping the use of that product, and consult your dentist.

  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a common cause of sensitivity. If you grind your teeth at night, your enamel can be worn down, which exposes the inner layers of your teeth, called dentin. The dentin layer contains small, fluid-filled tubes that lead to your pulp. When dentin is exposed, these tubes can be irritated, causing pain.

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