5 Important Tips for Kids’ Dental Care

5 Important Tips for Kids’ Dental Care

Posted by ANTHONY CORBO DDS on Jan 21 2022, 10:33 AM

Dental care is essential for kids, too, and it’s up to the parents to schedule a plan and keep their child’s teeth healthy and sturdy. In this blog, we’re looking at five important tips for kids’ dental care.

Begin Their Day With a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy and nutritious breakfast keeps your kid active throughout the day. It also limits their sugar cravings and improves their oral and overall health. Oral bacteria feed off of sugar and refined carbohydrates and produce acids that can harm your child’s tooth enamel. By feeding them a healthy breakfast, you help protect their teeth from tooth decay or cavities. 

Teach Them the Correct Techniques for Brushing and Flossing 

It is very important to help your children develop the habit of brushing their teeth in the morning and before bed. You should provide them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste for taking care of their teeth. Make sure they adopt the habit of cleaning their teeth for two minutes straight. This way, their teeth will remain healthy and free from any dental conditions.

You should also encourage them to floss their teeth in the evening. 

Limit Their Intake of Sugary Foods and Sodas

Sugary foods and sodas can cause cavities and tooth decay. If your little one has not yet mastered their oral hygiene routine, eliminating the buildup caused by these foods and drinks is all the more difficult. Therefore, it is best to replace their candy with fruits and juice and sodas with water.

Replace Their Toothbrush Frequently

You should replace your child’s toothbrush once it starts showing signs of wear or every three months. Allow your child to select a toothbrush they like and ensure that whatever they choose has soft bristles.

Schedule Their Routine Dental Checkups

After your child’s first teeth emerge, you should start scheduling their dental appointments. Make it a habit to take them to the dentist every six months. This way, your child does not develop dental anxiety and the dentist is able to monitor the development of their teeth and jaw properly.

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